In mechanical engineering and thus also in individual conveyor technology, a clamping set is always understood to be a so-called non-positive connection or shaft-hub connection in which the machine element connects, for example, the hub of a gear with a shaft. In this way, torque is transmitted between the shaft and the hub in question. At the same time, however, the hub is secured on the shaft by means of what is known as axial displacement. However, it should also be noted here that not every clamping set is suitable for every conveying application. Numerous factors have to be taken into account here, which we will be happy to determine in an individual consultation. Interested parties can thus obtain initial information on our products and our company by the usual means of mail, by telephone or, of course, via our website at

The basic structure of the clamping sets

The basic structure of the clamping sets naturally varies from case to case and from concern to concern, but it is also subject to various standards and guidelines. Nevertheless, it can be stated here that most clamping sets consist of two rings in the so-called annular spring form, which are then pushed over each other over the tapered surfaces. The outer surface and the inner surface of the clamping sets are therefore also cylindrical. They are either threaded onto the shaft with clearance or inserted into the bore of the hub.

Of course, however, the above is only a rough description of the general structure of the clamping sets, because here, too, the future use definitely plays a role that should not be underestimated. As already mentioned, it is therefore necessary to work closely with the client concerned as early as the planning stage of the project, so that you are always in contact with your respective consultant. This can also be addressed by the customer at any time, so that a good cooperation is just as much our wish and our goal as the creation of high-quality conveyor systems that you can always rely on.

Our know-how in conveyor technology for the realization of your individual project

That nothing should be left to chance when buying conveyor systems and of course also when buying the corresponding accessories is of course out of the question. Thus, we see ourselves as a partner for all companies in the field of conveying technology as well as for all companies that want to or have to use it in one way or another for their activities. We guarantee not only a first-class realization of the respective conveying projects of our customers and partners but of course also the use of best materials and high-quality components. In this way, downtimes can be reduced or even completely avoided.