Drive pulleys are generally understood to be a component that is used primarily in conveyor technology. Here, the introduction of the required drive energy for the motors takes place, for example, via gears into the respective pulley and again via frictional connection into the belt as well as from the deflection of the belt from the so-called upper run or conveyor run into the lower run.

Important components for important business

Thus, especially when buying or ordering drive pulleys, nothing should be left to chance, because these components are not just any component, but perhaps the most important component in the manufacture of belt and conveyor systems of various kinds. It is also important to avoid failures within the conveyor technology and its drives, because in this case there is not only a threat of expensive repairs, but above all a loss of sales and profits if the belt has to come to a standstill. Therefore, a maintenance-friendly, low-failure and, above all, robust design is important. Our experience will help you to extend the service life of your conveyor technology. So benefit from our know how and ask everything that is important or seems to be important for you to know regarding drive pulleys.

Our Know How for your success

Of course, we will be happy to advise you on the possible variants of drive pulleys. You can already find initial information on our website at Please feel free to inform yourself about the different possibilities on our homepage. On request, we will of course be pleased to send you all the necessary and also further documentation for a perfect decision at any time. Of course, our employees are also available at any time for an individual consultation by phone, email, fax or mail, as well as in a personal meeting. Benefit from our knowledge of drive pulleys and conveyor technology.

Ensure success with state-of-the-art technology

Basically, there are various models of high-quality drive pulleys available to you, because good drive pulleys can be welded or manufactured with clamping bushes in the taper lock or with clamping set shaft connections. As a rule, however, the clamping set connection is the optimum solution for many conveying interests.

In addition, the design and also the layout are always based on the environmental variables at the place of conveyance, so it is essential to take these into account. In this context, therefore, the planned and actually realizable conveying quantity, the belt width and also the belt speed are always important.

In this regard, all of our pulleys are of course crowned. In addition, the feather key to the groove is supplied at no additional charge, unless another alternative is preferred.