The term pillow block bearing essentially refers to a housing bearing unit in ready-to-install form, whereby this is usually mounted in upright form on a screw mounting surface. In addition, however, pedestal bearings are also known as a subgroup of the so-called bearing housings, whereby this design then includes a rolling bearing that is already integrated into an existing or prefabricated housing. In this case, too, it is therefore a prefabricated assembly.

Pedestal bearing from Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH

Basically, it should be taken into account that the pillow blocks of Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH are also prefabricated assemblies, but these are subject to a particularly high quality or a particularly high qualitative standard and are usually manufactured directly to customer order. Information on any custom work or directly on the assemblies and pedestal bearings of Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH can be obtained directly from the website under the respective contact details by post, telephone, electronically or in person, because the company's employees are of course available to every customer or potential customer for a personal consultation. The individual requirements for the respective conveyor technology and the pedestal bearings to be used can also be clarified directly on site at the customer's premises.

Pedestal bearing as an important component of individual conveyor technology

In any case, we always take into account that every conveying requirement is different and requires an individual consideration as well as, as a rule, individual components within the conveying technology. After all, nothing should be left to chance when building a conveyor system, because the use of high-quality components manufactured from the best materials under individual aspects enables a reduction of maintenance and repair times as well as a reduction of standstills and downtimes. Thus, costs can be reduced with innovative products, so that an investment in high-quality equipment can and will pay off quickly.

Individual consulting and professional know-how for entrepreneurial success

An individual consultation is thus also a first quality feature, which is definitely important to us in our work and in most cases even indispensable. Initial information about our products can, of course, also be provided before the consultation appointment, so that the client or customer also has the opportunity to prepare for the meeting and possibly prepare questions that can then be addressed in the appointment with our customer advisors. But even after the contract has been awarded, we are of course happy to be there for you and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge and belief. Thus, our professional know-how ensures your entrepreneurial success.