Knocking drums are high-quality construction elements and important components of conveying systems, whereby several factors should be taken into account here when selecting the individually suitable knocking drums. For initial information on conveying technology in general and knocking drums in particular, interested parties can consult the website For more detailed information, however, it is worth requesting the company's information material or - as soon as individual questions need to be clarified - arranging a consultation appointment with a company employee. This can also address questions relating to the company's own eligibility for funding and discuss options for implementing a project that is currently being planned or is even just being considered.

Find the right rapping drums for every conveyor system

In principle, the right knocking drums can be found for every conceivable conveyor system, irrespective of the industry concerned, but this should not obscure the fact that many models are individual custom-made products that only fit the respective conveyor system. Constant communication between the customer and the contractor is indispensable, so that the customer service representative, once assigned, is usually also the permanent contact person for the duration of the cooperation. This has numerous advantages for the customer, because any bottlenecks or maintenance intervals and other service dates can easily be coordinated individually, so that downtimes due to damage can be avoided.

Planning and conception with individual knocking drums

In this context, even a conveyor system that is to be planned and built individually should always be planned directly with its respective individual parts and components, so that the choice of suitable rapping drums naturally always depends on various factors as well. For example, when designing the system and selecting the relevant rapping drums, consideration must be given to the subsoil on which the conveyor system will later stand. For this purpose, it is again important to take into account whether the subsoil is variable, such as in an open pit mine, or whether it is solid or fixed, as in a food or fertilizer production company.

Partner for conveyor technology and service

Of course, Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH is not only the perfect partner for new planning and production of conveying systems and the associated knocking drums, but the company also sees itself as an experienced partner for all service issues relating to conveying technology and knocking drums. In addition to regular service appointments and maintenance to prevent breakdowns, this also includes the supply of spare parts in the event of damage. However, not only systems manufactured in-house are serviced, but companies wishing to switch to Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH as a service partner are also welcome to contact us.