The so-called rod pulleys are high-quality components that also or especially play a major role in conveyor technology. The rod pulleys are also available in a wide range of sizes, so that in principle the right rod pulley can be obtained for every conveying project or manufactured as a custom-made product. Interested parties can find initial information on the innovative rod pulleys from Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH directly on the company's website or via the contacts at Of course, it is always possible to request individual product information on the rod drums by mail or electronically as well as by telephone. Of course, an individual consultation appointment can also be arranged at Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH or directly on the customer's premises.

High-quality rod pulleys for every conveying requirement

As already mentioned, the high-quality rod pulleys of Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH are available for really every conveying requirement and, of course, also for almost every budget, whereby the possibility of joint project work is definitely available here if the relevant pulleys for a conveyor system are to be individually planned and manufactured. In this respect, Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH sees itself as a partner for every type of company that requires a high-quality conveyor system. Thus, it does not matter whether the customer or client sees his business focus in the field of open-cast mining or the food industry or within any other industry with conveying needs, because Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH will strive to meet every request.

Partner for high-quality supplies and spare parts

But also for the supply of components and spare parts, Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH is definitely the right partner, because even in the case of subcontracting, the company will always do a first-class job. All rod drums and other components or parts convince by an excellent quality, because they are manufactured under use of innovative technology and outstanding material. Furthermore, all rod drums of Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH convince by their very good functionality and by a low maintenance requirement. In addition, many components harmonize with a whole range of equipment, but individual planning and manufacture of the desired rod drum is always possible. For questions regarding the supply of spare parts, however, the aforementioned customer service of the company is also available at any time under the known contact details.

Partner for maintenance and service

Of course, Dziomba Fördertechnik GmbH always sees itself as an optimal partner for maintenance and service with regard to rod drums and other components or parts of the conveying technology. However, not only parts and components, but also entire plants can be maintained or even planned and delivered.